Multi-factor Authentication (MFA/2FA)

How to enable MFA on your Juni account


Click Settings from the left menu bar, then select Password and Security, finally click Send an enrollment invitation.


You will then get this email to your registered address and you click the enrol button:


The link will redirect you to the following screen: 


The default 2FA provider is using a one-time-code provider, like Google Authenticator or 1Password.

Adding MFA on Mobile device

If you can't scan the QR code, e.g. if you're doing the process from mobile, you can press "Trouble Scanning?" to get the code and paste it into your favourite authenticator app.


SMS as one-time password provider

Alternatively, you can choose "Try another method" > "SMS" and use your phone number to receive one-time passwords. 


Login with Biometrics

After you added a multi-factor provider, either through one-time codes or SMS, if your device supports biometric identification, like Touch ID or Face ID, you have the option to enable that too for faster login.



Reset MFA / 2FA

Resend activation link

If you need to reset your MFA provider or you want to get the link again (if it's expired for example), you can do so by contacting your account manager or our help centre and we will help you.