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Account Details

How to find and use them

Navigate to the Accounts page from the left-hand menu. Click on your GBP and EUR accounts (USD is coming very soon) to expand and view the account information, like:

Account Number

Sort code



You will then need to go to the bank account you are sending your Juni account money from, add the details as a beneficiary, and make the payment. Here you have more information on how to Deposit money to Juni.

Faster Payment for GBP and SEPA Instant for EUR should be always almost instant, however, in some rare cases, they can take up to 3 hours to hit your account. For EUR if the bank is not part of SEPA instant it can take 2/3 working days to arrive, you can check the list of the banks that are part of SEPA instant here.

If you have any concerns about your funds arriving, please contact support@juni.co or jump on our chat function and we will help.


If you need additional accounts to manage your business, you can have up to 10 accounts with us 💎  more information here.