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Adding Funds To Juni

Deposit money to Juni

Now that your account is fully activated, the next thing to do is to deposit money into it! Currently you can only do this via bank transfer although other methods such as deposit by card are coming soon.

Click accounts on the left of the screen and then view details, you will see your GBP and EUR account information- USD is coming very soon. You will then need to go to the bank account you are sending your Juni account money from, add the details as a beneficiary and make the payment.

Faster for payment for GBP (for info on instant GBP top ups click the link) and SEPA Instant for EUR should be always almost instant (check here if your sending bank is in SEPA Instant), if your EUR bank is not in SEPA instant funds will take 1-3 days to arrive. If you do not see a faster payment or SEPA Instant arrive within 3 hours and a SEPA payment 3 working days please contact support@juni.co or jump on our chat function and we will help. Sending money to an account from Juni? Check out our article here