Allocating credit

Allocating credit

If you're approved for a card, you'll be granted a total line of credit which you can then allocate across your Juni accounts to create your Juni cards.

Juni tip: Most customers create a new Juni account named “Credit Card account” where they allocate all their credit limit. All cards associated with that account then become credit cards. 

To create your cards, you need to create a Juni account and allocate credit to it. Once you add a Juni card, the cards will spend on credit.

You can add as many accounts and cards as you'd like. This allows you to manage your cards and spend limits for any group of people or expenses associated with your Juni account.

If you allocate credit to an account that already has money within it then you will first draw down on the cash in the account before utilizing the credit. You can, of course, transfer the cash out of that account so you only use the credit. The screenshots below show how to allocate.

Your total credit limit is shown in the banner across the top (2,000 GBP in this case) and the limit allocated to each Juni account can be changed by clicking “Edit limit” on any of the accounts.

Reallocating credit
To reallocate credit you can log into your Juni account, select the "Credit" tab on the left-hand side, and then the "Credit limit" tab at the top. Your Juni accounts and credit limits will be displayed. You can choose "Edit limit" to reallocate credit. Remember, if your credit is fully allocated, you will need to reduce the limit allocated to an account before you can reallocate it to another.