Allocating credit

Allocating credit

If you’re approved for a credit card you will be allocated a total credit line which you can then allocate across your Juni accounts to create your Juni credit cards.

To create your credit cards, you just need to create a Juni account and allocate credit to it. Once you add a Juni card, the cards will spend in credit.

You can add as many accounts and cards as you’d like so you can manage credit cards and spending limits for any group of people or expenses within Juni.

Some of our customers add part of their credit line to an existing account so that the credit line acts as more of an overdraft. If you allocate credit to an account that already has money within it then you will first draw down on the cash in the account before utilising the credit. You can, of course, transfer the cash out of that account so you only use the credit.


Reallocating credit
At the moment it’s not possible to move credit lines between Juni accounts. If you need to reallocate please contact Support.