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Connecting your accounts

Why does Juni need me to integrate my financial accounts?

We need access to your financial data so that we can understand your business performance, income, and expenditure. This is a core part of what we base our credit offerings on and is much more efficient for customers than having to submit outdated filed accounts and physical bank statements. It also means that when you want your credit limit to rise, we can make decisions a lot faster.

We have read-only access to your data so that we may never make modifications to your data. Our connection will have no impact on your finances or your platforms.


What platforms do I need to connect to Juni?


Juni offers over 2400+ integrations so you can connect your entire ecommerce stack. In order to underwrite, as a minimum, we need a full overview of your company finances that would include your bank accounts, any credit card accounts, payment processors, and FX accounts. To use the additional features of Juni, you can also integrate your Xero account and your Google ads.


Why do you need my bank info?


We use your bank information to assess how much we can lend you via our credit lines. When we undertake our assessment, we consider a range of factors, from the age of your business to documents filed with Companies House, to the industry in which you operate. Your finances and cash flow are also a key part of our underwriting process.


How do I connect my accounts to Juni?


See our help article on integrations here for help in how to integrate your accounts.


If you have any issues you can always contact your dedicated account manager or support@juni.co.