Export from Juni to DATEV with the DATEV Booking CSV (Buchungsstapel)

Everything you need to know on how to export from Juni into DATEV

Currently, Juni offers a CSV export for DATEV to get all of your transactions accounted for.

The CSV export contains:

  • Header required by DATEV
  • Contra Account
  • Accountant number
  • Client number
  • Account number length
  • Start of fiscal year
  • And of course a list of your transactions

Setup of the CSV export in Juni

Export Datev (3)


All you need to do is:

  • Go to the "Transactions" page on the left hand side menu
  • Select the accounts and date range you wish to export by clicking “Add Filters
  • Click on "Export" in the top
  • Choose "Ready Templates"
  • Choose "DATEV Booking CSV (Buchungsstapel)"
  • Click "Export"

Import CSV file into DATEV

In the following, we briefly explain how to upload the created file to DATEV Kanzlei accounting. If you have any questions or problems, please contact DATEV or your tax office.

  1. In DATEV, go to Buchführung > Vorbereitende Tätigkeiten > Stapelverarbeitung
  2. In Stapelverarbeitung window, click Importieren.
  3. In the Importieren window, select the folder exported previously from Juni
  4. Click Importieren and then click Verarbeiten.

You will still be able to amend any transactions after import.