Export from Juni to DATEV with the DATEV Transactions CSV (ASCII-Weiterverarbeitungsdatei)

Everything you need to know on how to export from Juni into DATEV

Juni offers a ASCII-Weiterverarbeitungsdatei CSV export for DATEV to get all of your transactions accounted for.

For each transaction, the CSV export contains:

  • Bank Sort code (BLZ) and account number
    • To be compatible with DATEV, we are converting Juni’s international bank accounts to German accounts. This step is necessary as you can only import German accounts into DATEV. For more details on this conversion, please see below.
  • Transaction date
  • Settlement date
  • Amount
  • Currency code
  • If available: Counterparty name, counterparty account number / IBAN and counterparty bank sort code / BIC
  • Reference lines
  • If necessary: Original amount and currency code

Setup of the CSV export in Juni

  • Go to the "Transactions" page on the left hand side menu
  • Select the accounts and date range you wish to export by clicking “Add Filters
  • Click on "Export" in the top
  • Choose "Ready Templates"
  • Choose "DATEV Transactions CSV (ASCII-Weiterverarbeitungsdatei)"
  • Click "Export"


Setup of the CSV import in DATEV Kanzlei Rechnungswesen

Before you can import data into DATEV, you need to create the bank details we export in the “Stammdaten” section of Kanzlei Rechnungswesen.

For details on importing transaction CSVs as “ASCII Weiterverarbeitungsdatei” in Kanzlei Rechnungswesen or other DATEV applications, please consult the DATEV help pages on


Conversion of International IBANs to German bank accounts

As DATEV does not allow imports for accounts outside of Germany, we convert the BIC to a fictional 8 digit German BLZ:

Juni BIC Exported German BLZ
PAYRGB2LXXX 12345600
LHVBEE22 12345601
SXPYDKKK 12345602
PAYRGB21 12345603


Please note that Juni is not related to these bank sort codes. They are entirely fictional and used only for technical DATEV compatibility.

Account numbers are converted to German 10 digit account numbers.

If you are unsure about the sort code or account number that will be used for your Juni account, you can also open the exported file in any text editor. The first two columns show the German bank sort code and account number.