Opening An Account

Because we operate in a regulated industry, we need up-to-date information about our customers. We want to make it easy for you to get set up and ready to go with Juni, so here’s everything you need to know to get started. 


What do you need to submit?


Proof of identity

We need to carry out a quick identity check. For that, you need to have one of the following documents ready: 

  • Passport 
  • Identity card  
  • EU/UK driver's licence 


You need to have the physical document with you as you will be asked to take a picture of it and upload it to our portal pre-existing files are not accepted, it needs to be a live image of the document alongside a selfie. Note that the ID can’t be expired and we do not accept provisional driving licences. 


Proof of source of funds

In order to proceed with your application, we need a recent bank statement (dated within the last 3 months) in the name of your company showing some inbound and outbound transactions.

This is a regulatory requirement as we need to verify how our customers fund their business.


Confirm your UBOs

We need you to confirm all your UBOs (Ultimate Beneficial Owners). For each of them, we ask you to: 

  • Confirm their full name 
  • Provide their email address
  • Provide their nationality
  • Provide their country of tax residence 
  • Provide their tax identification number 
  • Provide their date of birth


Please note that UBOs might be asked to complete IDV (Identity Verification).

If you are not a director or person with significant control, i.e. CEO, a person with signing power will need to complete this part of the company verification. 


What is a UBO?

An Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) is someone who ultimately owns or controls a company, association or other types of legal entities. It is a person within the company or the parent company that owns or controls over 25% of the company shares directly or indirectly, has the right to exercise significant control over the company and/or has the right to remove the majority of the board of directors.



What happens after I’ve submitted my application?

  • Once you've submitted your information, you’ll receive an email with a PDF to sign. This is to confirm that the information you’ve shared with us is accurate. 
  • We’ll review the information submitted as soon as possible and notify you once it has been processed. 
  • Sometimes we may require further information. If so, we’ll let you know. 


What do I need to provide if you ask for more information?

Sometimes we’ll need to ask for more information to understand your business better.


Company documents 

Additional documents you may need to provide can include:

  • A copy of the Company Registration Certificate, listing all the directors and shareholders
  • A copy of your Incorporation Certificate
  • Your organisational charts
  • Your list of shareholders
  • An Ultimate Beneficial Owner Certificate
  • A Tax Certificate or tax return


Proof of address

In case we need to verify your address, you can simply provide a utility bill or any official government document from the last 3 months. This can be:

  • A utility bill such as gas, electric or landline telephone bill.
  • A government document such as a Personal Tax Return (dated within the last year), Mortgage Statement, Credit Card Statement or a Tenancy Agreement.


Understanding more about your business

We need to fully understand your business and what it offers. That’s why we’ll ask you for a clear description of your business. This has to include the type of business and its activities, as well as a list of the products or services you provide.  


Your website or online presence

To help us understand your business better, we may sometimes ask you to share your website or online presence with us:

  • Simply send us a link to your company's social media accounts and/or website.  

If you don’t have a website, you can provide us with an overview of your business activity on an advertising platform:  

  • A screenshot of the overview or dashboard of the main advertising platform you use (Google Ads, Facebook Ads etc.) will do.


What if I need help?

If you have any questions, you can contact us at, and we’ll help you complete the process.