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Google Ads Receipt Generation

Receipts Generation

  • What is receipt generation?
    • Juni will generate receipts automatically for your Google Ads threshold payments made on your Juni cards. You can then export these receipts for bookkeeping purposes.
  • How do I enable receipt generation?
    • Navigate to Settings, then to Accounting and here you can enable or disable in one click receipt generation.
  • What is a Google Ads threshold payment?
    • If you do not have a credit line with Google, you are paying via automatic threshold payments. This means that once your ad spend reaches a certain threshold, such as 500 EUR, Google charges the card on file for the 500 EUR, and your limit restarts. You can see your threshold on your Google Ads Billing Summary page.
  • Can I use the receipt for bookkeeping as proof of payment?
    • Yes! Many of our customers use the receipts generated by Juni, to avoid the cumbersome process of downloading the from Google Ads.
  • When will my receipt be generated?
    • The receipt is generated instantly as soon as the transaction is settled by Google. Please note transactions may become settled hours or days after the card payment is made.
  • What if I am spending with a Google entity outside that is not Ireland-based?
    • For the moment, we are covering transactions made to Google’s European subsidiary, based in Ireland. If you are spending with other Google centres, such as Singapore or Australia, and would like receipts generated, please do let us know by contacting support.