How To Create & Use Virtual Juni Cards

Juni Cards

Creating Juni cards is how you will spend your Juni balance, remember, it is only your Juni balance that is spent on cards, it does not include balances from your integrated accounts. To spend money on your Juni card you will need to have topped up your account.

Click cards on the left of the screen and then add a card on the top right side.

This will take you here, fill in the information and click create, notice that physical card is currently greyed out- this is coming this quarter.  You can then select EUR or GBP on the drop down, fill in the rest of the information and click create card. 

Your cards will then show here. Few things to note, where it says 5/100- this means that a monthly limit has been set which you can see on the right hand of the screen, it can be edited at any time by clicking the pen under monthly limit- in this case £5 out of the £100 limit has been spent. Notice 0/unlimited on the other cards- this means they have no limit set.

You can edit the name on the card by clicking the pen on the right - in this case where it says Ad Campaigns, to show card details simply scroll right. 

You can also see the ability to freeze the card under the manage card section as well as the card's token number. 

You will see 3 transactions below 100.00 GBP this is currently greyed out, but will in time link to previous payments. 

Something to note is that you do not specifically allocate funds to Juni cards, your Juni balance covers all cards. I.E if you have 100 EUR as your Juni balance and 2 EUR cards, both cards use the same pot of money. 


You can use the cards like any other for purchases, simply click show card details and input the details given in the place you are purchasing from. 

If adding card to Google ads please read this