How To Create & Use Virtual Juni Cards

Juni Cards

Creating Juni cards will allow you to spend your Juni balance. It is only your Juni balance that is spent on cards. You cannot spend money from your integrated accounts with your Juni card. To spend money on your Juni card, you will need to have topped up your account.

Click ‘Cards’ on the left of the screen and then add a card on the top right side.

Please enter details of the card such as:

  • Type or card (physical or virtual): Note, we only allow physical GBP cards at the moment
  • Account: This will give you a dropdown of all your Juni accounts. This will determine where the card draws funds from.
  • Card label: This is a name you can give your card to easily identify it later
  • Cardholder First Name and Last Name
  • Mobile Number: This is for 3DS notifications. It is important you enter this correctly. If you make a mistake here, you may not be able to complete your transactions

We have some restrictions on physical cards at the moment. We only permit GBP physical cards and these can only be delivered to an address in the UK.


Your cards will then show here:

A few things to note:

  • You can set spend limits on your card by clicking on your card and then clicking on ‘Settings’. If you set a spend limit of £500 per month, for example, then you will not be allowed to spend more than £500 in any given month.
  • Setting a spend limit is optional. If you choose not to set one, please see the default limits on your card here.
  • You can see all transactions made on the card by clicking on the ‘View’ button under ‘This Month’. The number that shows there is only for the current month. However, if you click on ‘View’, you will be able to see all the transactions on the card from previous months.
  • You do not specifically allocate funds to Juni cards, your Juni balance covers all cards. I.e., if you have 100 GBP as your Juni balance and 2 EUR cards, both cards use the same pot of money.
  • You can use the cards like any other for purchases, simply click show card details and input the details given in the place you are purchasing from.
  • If adding cards to Google ads please read this.