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How To Ensure Your Juni Card Is Google/PayPal/Bing Ads approved

Before adding your new Juni card to your Google or Bing Ads account as a payment method, we recommend you follow these steps to make sure your card is accepted by Google or Microsoft.

Most of our customers can add their cards without this, but for Google or Bing Ads accounts with no spend history this step is required.

Here's what you need to do:

1. Go into your Juni account's card section, and select the card you wish to submit to Google or Bing Ads. Copy the Card Token found in the card screen as seen below:

2. Once you have your Card Token, contact Juni Support via the chat. Tell the Juni representative in the chat the ZIP code you wish to use and the card token to be linked. Remember, the ZIP Code you want should match your Google or Bing Ads Billing Address.

3. Wait until you get confirmation from us that the ZIP Code has been successfully linked to your card.

Note: this is done on a card-by-card basis. If you wish to use several Juni cards for different (or the same) Google or Bing Ads accounts, each card needs to be linked separately. 

4. You can now submit your Juni card as a payment method in Google or Bing Ads and start earning 1% cashback on your campaigns!

If you have any questions please contact us at support@juni.co