Overview Screen


If you click overview on the left-hand side of the page it will take you to this screen.Overview

Things to note - you can select the currency being displayed, currently we offer the option of selecting GBP, EUR, and USD (more options coming soon). You can see from this example list, there are my two Juni accounts- both the GBP and EUR accounts have been topped up using the balance details under accounts.

On the photo below as well as Juni accounts you can also see a GBP PayPal with a balance of 0.00, a GBP Monzo with a balance of 100.00- these are a list of accounts I have integrated, FYI these balances may take up to 24 hours to update, but it is normally much faster

Underneath Overview, there are two balances: total balance which is the combined total of my Juni accounts, and my integrated accounts. Then, Juni balance which is just money on my Juni accounts. For example there is 100 GBP in my Monzo account, 2.84 GBP and 1.21 EUR on my Juni accounts. Hence we see 120.53 EUR total balance and 4.28 which is just for my Juni balance. The balance history is also just for Juni balance. 

Something very important to note is that when you spend money with your Juni card, it is only money off your Juni balance (your funded Juni account), not your total balance. 

The balance on the far left under your company's name will always be your total balance - the sum of your Juni accounts + your integrated ones. 

On the far right you can see your accumulated 1% cashback which is gained through spending on Juni cards, not your integrations. Current cashback being for that month, total being for overall.  

The graph on the right is an interactive map of your balance history, for now it just shows Juni balance rather than total.