Juni & FX Fees

Using Juni with different currencies

When you sign up with Juni you will be given access to accounts in multiple currencies and the ability to create cards in these currencies.

When using Juni cards for different currency payments, there are zero fees from our side. You will get an exchange rate of as close as 0.08% to the market.

The exception to this rule applies if your business is registered in the UK. If you use your EUR or USD Mastercard card to buy something online in GBP at an online store registered in the UK, you may be charged 0.25% on the amount: This is because of a UK mandated Mastercard programme. We encourage you to use your GBP card for transactions such as these. 

Bank Transfers

You can transfer 24 different currencies into the Juni EUR and USD accounts. If you transfer a currency other than the currency of the account (for example, GBP to a EUR account), you will be charged a 0.25% fee on your transaction. This is from our banking partner. 

You can only transfer GBP into Juni GBP accounts. All other currencies will be rejected and sent back to source.


FX fees are taken into account when awarding cashback. As an example, if you use a Juni EUR Mastercard® Corporate Card to buy something in USD, you can expect to pay a standard currency conversion fee of around 0.1%. You will still make back up to 0.9% with the maximum 1% cashback level.