Juni & FX Fees

Using Juni with different currencies

When you sign up with Juni you will be given access to EUR & GBP accounts and the ability to create cards in either currency. 


For using either a Juni GBP or EURO card for different currency payments, there are zero fees from our side. You will get an exchange rate of as close as 0.08% to the market, so will still make at least 0.9% cashback. For example, you use a Juni EURO card to buy something in USD- you can expect to pay a fee of around 0.1%, therefore you will still make back 0.9% when you get the 1% cashback. 


Sending funds to Juni from a non-EURO or GBP account? Unfortunately, these payments will be rejected and sent back to the source, the funds have to be switched to either EURO or GBP in advance of sending in the funds. Your bank may change the currency for you before making the payment - these payments would come through to us no problem - they may charge you for this privilege.