Mobile App

Juni App

We know a Juni mobile app is something that you would love to have. We listened to you and we will build that with the attention and dedication it deserves. But nobody likes waiting, so in the meantime, we want to offer you an alternative that is not quite a mobile app, but gets close to it! It will allow you to do all tasks you do on the Juni web, straight from an application on your iPhone or Android desktop.
  1. On your mobile, go into your preferred browser and log into with your account - just like you would on a desktop.
  2. Once logged into Juni:
  • On a Safari browser, click on the Share icon, then ‘’Add to Home Screen’'
  • On Chrome, click on the three-dot menu icon, then ‘’Add to Home Screen’' or ‘’Install App’'
3. Voila! The app will install and show up on your mobile’s desktop. Simply click on it and enjoy the convenience of Juni at your fingertips.
This is in the early beta stage therefore it may not work as perfectly as we want it and we appreciate it if you let us know of any bugs or improvement ideas, please send us your feedback to