Export from Juni to Netsuite

This article goes through the steps to export your transactions from Juni to NetSuite.

Exporting your Juni transactions

  • Log in to Juni
  • In the main menu, click on Transactions
  • Choose the filters and date range you would like by clicking on "+ Add filter"
  • Once you have all the relevant transactions, you can click on Export in the top of the page
  • Click on Netsuite
  • Click on Export


  • Memo fields will be exported in the order they have been selected
  • Customer ID / Customer Name / Invoice ID(s) are optional and only relevant if you want to use Netsuite’s Automated Cash Application feature (available at Transactions > Bank > Automated Cash Application). If you have no interest in that Netsuite feature, these fields can be left empty.

Importing your Juni transactions into Netsuite

  1. Unzip the Juni Export on your computer
  2. In Netsuite, navigate to TransactionsBankBanking Import HistoryUpload File
  3. Click the Choose a File button and select a Netsuite CSV you exported from Juni
  4. Select Import with a default parser (CSV, OFX, QFX, BAI2, or CAMT.053)
  5. Choose the bank account that the transactions should be imported for
  6. Click Import
  7. It may take Netsuite a few seconds to process the file. You can check the status of the import at Transactions > Bank > Banking Import History
  8. Once the import is completed, the statement is available for reconciliation at Transactions > Bank > Match Bank Data

Supporting Screenshots:

Step 2, Getting to the Import Page:

Step 3 - 5, Import Configuration: