Partnerships & Community

Juni Partnerships & Community

As digital marketers ourselves Juni understands how important your stack of tools are for your business. We rate our value as integral to your success.  We also want to align ourselves with tools, plugins and efficiency tools alike, in order to provide your business with as much value as possible.


Once you’re a Juni member you’ll have access to tens of thousands of dollars in savings for a variety of tools that can sharpen your business.  Our partnerships are constantly growing and we try to be as thoughtful as possible in who we align with.  Expert landing page designers, top shelf video ad production and the best tools for Shopify and Woocommerce are at your fingertips.




At Juni we take pride in our world class support.  This is why we’ve created the Juni Community - a Facebook group dedicated to spotlighting people that work at Juni, starting discourse about eCommerce and most importantly supporting our clients.

If you have any questions, big or small feel free to ask us in the Juni Community and you will get a response, and quickly.  It may even be from our CEO Samir El-Sabini who is a very active poster.