Sending Money From Juni

You can send money from your GBP accounts to external banks or to your other Juni accounts (sending money from EUR and USD accounts is coming soon).

On the top left side of the screen under your company name, you will notice a Make a Payment button- click it and select the option that you want!

'Make a payment' will take you here - you will see a list of previously stored beneficiaries (people you have paid before), but if its a new one select 'Send to a company' or ‘Send to a person’

Enter recipient details. You can even put in an alias so that you can access these beneficiaries from the previous screen if you pay them often. Finally, define the currency you’re sending money in. GBP accounts can send in GBP and EUR (USD coming soon!). If you select GBP, you can only send to a local GBP account (ie., with an account number and sort code). 

Enter the recipient’s IBAN and BIC (also called a SWIFT) code.

Almost there!

Enter the amount you wish to transfer. If this is an FX transaction, you will also get an estimated exchange rate. This is not exact as the amount could change depending on when the transaction is picked up by our partner. FX transfers can take 3-4 working days to arrive.



Finally, you will be taken to the below screen. Double-check your payment details, then click ‘Send Payment’ to complete the transaction.



Here, you can have more information on how to send Money to Juni. Also, you can have more information on Instant Top-ups.

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