Sending Money From Juni

Send money from Juni- send both SEPA (EUR) and Faster Payments (GBP) to other accounts

On the top right of the screen you will notice a send money button- click it. 

It will take you here - you will see a list of previously stored beneficiaries (people you have paid before), but if its a new one select 'Send to a company' (send to a person is coming soon)

That will take you to stage 2- type in the business name- an email if you want - and select the currency GBP or EUR from the drop down- USD coming soon!

If you select GBP you will see this screen- if the account is based in the UK we can send a faster payment- this is free and will more often than not arrive instantly into the beneficiaries account. Type in the account number and sort code of where you are sending the money. If the account is not based in the UK select Outside UK 

If outside the the UK you will see this- input the IBAN and SWIFT/BIC of the beneficiary- you may be charged up to 15GBP for this type of payment 

For EUR payments inside Europe (the beneficiary account is based in the SEPA REIGON)- will be SEPA instant- like faster payments this will be almost instant, for accounts outside of this region will incur a 20 EUR charge- both will require an IBAN and SWIFT/BIC

This will take you to the payment details screen- fill in the details below (recurring payments to come soon)

Click send payment and you are done! Remember to always double check account details and be aware of paying beneficiaries you do not know