Sending Money To Juni

How to add funds to Juni - Please read limitations carefully

You can add funds to your  via bank transfer. Please read the limitations on your EUR, USD and SEK accounts below.

On the left hand side of your Juni platform you will see the ‘Accounts’ page. There you will find your bank details. Simply add those details as beneficiary from another bank account and the funds should arrive in 1 hour into your Juni Account. On very rare occasions or if you are paying in using SWIFT, they can take longer. If you haven't received funds in two working days, please contact support.

You can also top up your Juni GBP account instantly using our 'Top Up Account' feature. Learn more here.

Sending money to an account from Juni? Check out our article here.



You can only transfer money into Juni EUR, USD and SEK accounts from two sources:

  1. From another bank account that is in the name of the business you opened your Juni accounts with. For example, if you opened a Juni account using your company Carpets Ltd, you can transfer money in from other bank accounts that are also in the name of Carpets Ltd. 
  2. From payment gateways. For example, Stripe, Shopify and PayPal. We would accept any payment gateway outside of the 3 examples as well. 

Any other payments (such as your clients paying you via bank transfer) will be rejected and sent back to source which can take around 1 week to resolve. 

The above applies only for EUR, USD and SEK accounts. For your GBP accounts, we accept payments from external bank accounts not in the name of your business