Transactions page

All you need to know to make the most out of your Juni transactions

In the transactions page you will be able to:
  • See all of your Juni transactions in real-time by heading to "Transactions" on the left hand side menu
  • Apply highly customizable filters (Date, Account, Card, Cashflow type, Transaction, Attachment, currency) by clicking on "+ Add filter" to apply relevant filters
  • Save your filters to quickly access relevant transactions in the future. Once filters are chosen, click on "Save Filter view"
  • Add notes to your transactions to give more background to the purchase. Click on the relevant transaction and write the comment under the "Notes" section
  • Use the Approvals flow for missing receipts, attachments to review and rejected attachments. Click on "Missing attachment", "Attachment to review" or "Attachment rejected" in the top. If you do not require such reviews in your organisation, you can turn approval requirements off in Settings > Accounting, and all receipts will be automatically marked as Approved. 
  • Export a proof of payment per transaction by clicking on the relevant settled transaction and click on "Proof of payment" just below the sum 
  • Export into your accounting
    • Choose the filters and date range you would like by clicking on "+ Add filter"
    • Set up your preferred exporting format by choosing a default template, a ready template or make your own template if your accounting system requires it
    • Click on Export
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