Transfer between EUR, USD and SEK accounts

This article will guide you through how to transfer funds between your internal Juni accounts. At the moment, internal transfers are only possible between EUR, USD and SEK accounts (Not GBP accounts).

Transferring between accounts helps you save FX fees by paying in the right currency. A 0.25% FX fee is applied by our banking partner when transferring between currencies.

Here are the steps to transfer between accounts:

  1. Log in to Juni on
  2. Click on “Send money” in the top left corner
  3. Choose “Transfer Between Accounts”
  4. Choose the “from” account and “to” account and “amount”.
  5. Now you will be able to see the exchange rate and the estimated transfer time.
  6. Double check details and confirm the transfer.
  7. If the transfer is successful, a confirmation will appear.

Once the transaction is completed, a full record of the transaction will appear under ‘Transactions’. An example of this is captured in the screenshot below where the user has transferred €2.30 from their EUR wallet to their USD wallet and has received $2.41.



The same flow is also applicable to transfers between two accounts in the same currency - for example, from one EUR wallet to another EUR wallet. In that example, the above flow would not include an exchange rate.

Note: Transferring between accounts only works for internal Juni accounts.


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