New T&Cs

What Are The Most Important Changes In The Updated Juni Terms & Conditions?

  • The revised terms and conditions will apply to already registered customers starting 10 September 2021 unless customers choose to cancel their Juni account prior to that date.
    • We have added more detailed information about Juni’s services, how you apply for an account with us and the process
    • The revised terms and conditions specify under what circumstances your Juni account might be suspended and when we might refuse or delay a payment. Generally, this might happen if we have reason to suspect that the security of your Juni account has been compromised and take action to protect your funds. 
  • We give customers information about how to keep their Juni account and Juni card safe
    • We’ve added information about Juni’s and customers’ liability in case of unauthorised transactions and in cases when payments are sent to wrong accounts, delayed or not received at all.
  • For a full description of applicable terms and conditions, we always recommend customers to take a look at the terms and conditions on our website, under

For more information, please give it a read here - Terms & Conditions