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Why Should You Trust Juni?

We might be new here, but we know what needs to be done to keep you and your funds safe - and we are already there!

More security, better protection

Juni is PSD2-compliant. This means that our product is being designed in accordance with the European standards for safe and secure payment services. In simple terms, Juni meets the requirement for strong customer authentication and you will always be refunded for any unauthorised payments (e.g. payments made by someone else following an Account Takeover) provided you meet the requirements set in PSD2. Those requirements are generally that you have not acted fraudulently or in gross negligence. 

We know our regulators and they know us 

Juni is regulated and supervised by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in the UK and the Bank of Lithuania (BoL) in the EEA/EU.

Your money is safe with us

We don’t lend your money or make investments with it. Instead, we use safeguarding to protect 100% of your money. The money you deposit in your Juni accounts are safely held in our accounts with the Bank of Lithuania (EUR) and the Bank of England (GBP). The money we use for our business operations is completely separate from the money you have deposited into your account.

We know your personal data is important to you (and your company!)

Juni complies with the GDPR and data privacy laws. We only process your personal data in accordance with our Customer Privacy Policy and we will never sell it to marketing platforms. We have implemented security measures to protect you from data breaches that could leave your personal, payment and business details vulnerable.  

Any questions, please contact support@juni.co.