Xero Integration

How To Guide Of Our Xero Integration

Automatically sync transactions from Juni directly into your Xero accounting software.

All transactions, including card payments and transfers, will be synched every hour and can be set to go as far back as 12 months from your Juni transaction history.

This replaces manual statement exports and uploads into Xero, saving you time and hassle.

  • Setting up for an existing bank account in Xero you would like to sync to Juni transactions 

    1. On your Xero account, navigate to the Accounting tab and choose 'Chart of Accounts'.
    2. For the accounts you wish to connect to, update the sort code + account number for GBP or IBAN for EUR to the values of the Juni bank account, which you can find on the Accounts page in Juni.
      • Please note that if you choose to sync past transactions that have already been uploaded into Xero manually, this may result in duplications.
    3. Follow steps 1-4 below.
  • Setting for a new Xero account to sync Juni transactions to (if you do not already have an existing Xero account you want to sync to)

    1. In Juni, navigate to your 'Integrations' tab, choose 'Add Integrations' then click on 'Xero'.
    2. You will be directed to Xero's log in flow, where you grant Juni access to your organisation.
    3. Back in Juni, you can select the accounts and the past time range you would like to sync with Xero.
      • Xero will only allow you to sync multiple currency accounts if you are on their Premium Plan.
    4. Click 'Sync' to finalise the set up, sit back and enjoy the time savings!
  • General usage instructions

    The synching will work automatically and seamlessly without any input from your side.

    Do not sync past transactions if you already have these fed into Xero previously, such as manually.

    Invoice synching and more functionality with Xero will be coming soon!

  • FAQ’s and support channel information

    If you are experiencing issues with the connection, navigate to Xero in your Integrations menu, and under the Manage Integration tab, please click on Renew Now.

    If the issue persists, do not hesitate to get in touch with us at support@juni.co and one of our team members will be happy to help.