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How to add team members, assign and and update roles
How to add team members, assign and and update roles

Team members, roles and permissions

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How to add users to your Juni account

To create users for your team members in your company's Juni account:

  1. Log into your Juni account

  2. On the top right corner, click on your Company name > Settings > My Team

  3. Click + Add User and select a role (more about roles here)

Select a role for each new team member





Default role assigned to the user who sets up the Juni account. There can only be one Owner.

  • Full permissions, including permission to remove any other team member.


This role is generally reserved for fully trusted team members, such as company owners and leaders.

  • Same permissions as the Owner role.

  • Add new team members.

  • Assign permissions to new team members.

  • View accounts and cards of all team members.

  • Make payments and transfers.

  • Add, edit and remove integrations.

  • Upload invoices and receipts to transactions.

Buyer (Cards Only)

This role should only be assigned to employees responsible for media buying or stock buying.

It grants access to one or more assigned cards on which they can spend. Card spend limits for the Buyer (cards only) role can be set up when creating a new card. They can also be updated for an existing card.

  • Spend on assigned cards only.

  • View their transactions.

  • Upload invoices and receipts to transactions.


This role should be assigned to internal and, where applicable, external accountants for accounting, auditing, and bookkeeping purposes.

  • View transactions and accounts.

  • Export transactions.

  • Export account data.

  • Upload invoices and receipts to transactions.

  • Manage the accounting settings on the 'Accounting' page.

How to edit users

To assign different roles and permissions to your team members:

  1. Click Settings > My Team

  2. Click on the three dots menu > View Details

  3. Edit the user settings or card access

Note: Only Admin and Owner roles can add or edit users.

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