How to create Juni Cards

Learn more about creating new Juni Cards for your team

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Now that you've added funds to your account, it's time to create Juni Cards so that you can spend your Juni balance. They are available in four different currencies: US dollars ($), euros (€), British pounds (£), and Swedish krona (SEK).

Cards in NOK will be available soon.

Here's how to create your Juni Cards:

  1. Go to Money > Cards

  2. Click Add a card on the top-right side of the screen

  3. Enter the following card details:

    • Account: This will be displayed in a dropdown with all your Juni accounts. Your account information will determine where the card draws funds from.

    • Card label: This is a nickname you can give your card so you can easily identify it.

    • Cardholder information: Provide the first and last name of the cardholder.

    • Mobile Number: You must enter your mobile number correctly, as it will be used for 3DS notifications. A mistake in this step could lead to issues when trying to complete transactions.

  4. View and manage your card by clicking the icon of your new Juni card.

Remember that only your Juni balance is spent from your Juni cards – this does not include balances from integrated accounts. To spend money on your Juni card, you must top up your account .

To note:

  • You can set spending limits on your card by clicking on your card and then clicking Settings. For example, if you set a spending limit of £500 per month, you'll not be allowed to spend more than £500 in any given month.

  • Setting a spending limit is optional. If you choose not to set a spending limit, these are the default card limits:

    • 10K transactions per day

    • 50K transactions per week

    • £250K daily spend

    • £1M weekly spend

  • You can see all transactions made on the card by clicking the View button under the section titled This Month. The number shown is only for the current month. However, if you click on View, you'll see all of the transactions on the card from previous months.

  • You can use the cards as you would for any other purchase; simply click show card details and input your card information during checkout.

  • You don't specifically allocate funds to Juni Cards; your Juni balance covers all cards. For example, if you have £100 as your Juni balance and two EUR cards, both cards use the same pot of available funds.

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