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How much does it cost to use Juni?
How much does it cost to use Juni?

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Monthly plan fee

To check the details of your plan:

  • Click on your company name in the top-left corner

  • Go to Settings > Plan & Billing

The billing cycle is monthly. On the first day of each month, we will deduct your subscription fee from the main ledger from the currency available in your jurisdiction: EUR for EEA, SEK for Sweden, etc.

If your account has insufficient funds to pay the cost of your plan, Juni will attempt to take the payment again three days later to give you enough time to top up your account.

Can I add an extra user/card/IBAN account to my plan mid-cycle?

Yes, you can add any extras whenever you need them. We will prorate the cost of it based on the remaining days of the cycle and add the cost to the next cycle’s invoice.

How can I change my plan?

Simply contact your dedicated customer success manager or support who’ll be happy to help.

FX Fee (Card Payments)

When do I get charged a card transaction fee?

An FX fee will be charged when you use your card to make payments in a different currency than your account e.g. when you use a card linked to your EUR account to buy something in GBP.

How much does Juni charge as card FX fees?

The total fee Juni charges on these kinds of transactions is 1.5%. This is calculated on the network exchange rate. (ie., Mastercard).

Where can I see the exchange rate and fee applied?

The full breakdown of the transaction and any fees will be available to view in the transaction details (you can view this by clicking on any transaction listed in your Juni account). This includes the exchange rate, Juni fee and total amounts in both currencies.

What happens when I get a refund?

If you receive a refund from the merchant, you will not receive a refund of the FX fee. However, if the transaction is reversed, you will not be charged an FX fee. Please contact our support team if you’d like to know more about reversals and refunds — they’ll be happy to help.

How can I minimise the amount of FX fees I pay?

Juni offers IBAN accounts in EUR, GBP, USD and SEK and these are designed to help you avoid paying unnecessary FX fees. For example, if you have funds in your EUR account but would like to transact in GBP, you can use our ‘Transfers’ feature to move funds between these accounts and then use a GBP card for the transaction.

What happens to the FX fee if there is an unauthorised transaction on my account?

If there is an unauthorised transaction on your account, please contact our team immediately! Once you raise a chargeback, the full amount of the transaction will get refunded including the FX fee.

FX Fee (Account Payments)

When are FX fees for account payments applicable?

  • Transfer FX fees are applicable when you move funds between accounts in different currencies (e.g. if you move funds from your Juni GBP account to your Juni USD account). Juni charges 0.25% of the transaction. Our banking partner, BankingCircle, charges 0.25% included in the exchange rate.

  • FX fees at received payments are applicable when you receive money in a currency different from your account currency. Our banking partner, BankingCircle, includes a 0.25% of the transaction amount in the exchange rate to be convert the money into the correct currency.

Can I see the fee I will be paying for the transaction?

Before transferring money from one of your Juni accounts to another, you will be shown an estimated fee and exchange rate. As we use live rates from our partner bank, this may change at the point of transfer.

However, after your transaction has been completed, you will see the final fee amount charged in your Juni account under Money > Transactions.

Simply click on the transaction to view detailed information including the fee amount, FX rate, amount exchanged and amount received.

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