How to set up your Juni Email reports

Juni Email Reports to get the insights your business needs

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Juni Email Reports enable you to configure and subscribe to custom-made reports that can be sent via email. Note that only admins can configure reports.

How to access Juni Reports?

To access Juni Reports:

  • Head to Analytics in the main menu

  • In the top of the page you will find the Reports tab

  • In the top right, click on Set up Report

  • You can now configure your ideal Juni report 🥳

How to configure your Juni Email Reports

Within the Reports page, admins can create and set up email reports with existing report templates:

  • Juniversal Report - all insights available from Juni

  • Finance Focused - transactions and balance metrics

  • Must-see Media Buying - reports on ad spend and other performance metrics

  • Simply Sales - reports focused on storefront and sales metrics

Set Frequency to: one-off, daily (sent every 6 am CET), weekly, and monthly.

Send reports externally: You can also send a Juni report to an external user using their email address.

How to edit, pause or remove a report

You can edit, pause, and remove a Juni reports by clicking the right side of the report and choose the correct action from the dropdown

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