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How to make batch payments [Beta](ISO 20022)
How to make batch payments [Beta](ISO 20022)

Learn how to make payments in batch with Juni (beta)

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Users with an Admin or Owner role can import a payment file from their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to Juni and execute the payments in the file.

Juni supports the ISO 20022 XML pain.001.001.03 (version 3).

To make a batch payment:

  • Log in to your Juni account

  • From the menu on the left, click on Pay > Batch payment 

For now, payments included in the batch file can only be paid using your own funds and not Juni credit.

A number of ERP systems (e.g. Fortnox, Exact Online and Netsuite) offer that export format out-of-the-box. A detailed guide on how to interpret the supported file is provided in the attached file:

This is a three step flow:

  1. Upload the file.

  2. Verify any new recipients to whom you have not paid out before.

  3. Validate the individual payments in the file and authorise the payment.

The second step does/will not occur if all of the recipients for a given file have already been paid out before.

What payments can be initiated from this file?

Juni supports payments to all jurisdictions that are supported in the normal Send Money flow as well. That means payments to the EU, UK China, USA, Liechtenstein, Norway and Iceland for EU-based Juni customers.

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