How to pay an invoice on Juni from Fortnox?

Learn more about paying invoices on Juni from Fortnox

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You can now seamlessly pay invoices processed in Fortnox from Juni.

Activate Juni’s Fortnox integration to sync all your unpaid invoices from Fortnox into Juni, and the payment details will be sent back to Fortnox, so your journal entries are updated automatically.

You can use your Juni funds to pay these invoices now or schedule the payments.

Juni integration will sync all “Unpaid” invoices from Fortnox into Juni. The invoices should have an attached document (invoice) in order to be synced.

How to enable this feature?

To activate this feature:

  • Login into your Juni account

  • Select Integrations and search Fortnox and click on Integrate

If you have already activated this integration, please renew it by:

  • Login into your Juni account

  • Select Integrations > Manage > Fortnox

  • From the menu on the right, select Renew

Once your invoice is paid from your Payment tab, it will be moved from Inbox to Paid. Juni will also automatically send the payment details to Fortnox, and your journal entries will be automatically updated.

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