How to set up and use the integration with Fortnox

Set up and manage your Fortnox integration for faster accounting

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How to integrate with Fortnox?

  • Login to your Juni account

  • Go to Integrations page > Discover & Connect

  • Search for Fortnox and follow the instructions to setup your integration

Once integration is complete, your dimensions will be pulled from the accounting tool to Juni Bookkeeping section.

Please note that all your old dimensions will be replaced by your Fortnox dimensions and you will no longer be able to use SIE manual format. However, once you remove the integration we will bring back your non-fortnox dimensions.

How to prepare and export transactions to Fortnox?

  1. Go to Bookkeeping > Prep & Export

  2. Open a transaction

  3. Populate Account Code, Tax and other dimension values

  4. Click on Mark ready to export

  5. Go to Ready to export

  6. Select transactions

  7. Click on Export to Fortnox

  8. If export fails, go to Export Queue to check the error and take necessary actions

  9. If export is successful, go to Export History

How to prepare and export in bulk?

To export multiple transactions, you can:

  1. Go to Bookkeeping > Prep & Export

  2. Select multiple transactions

  3. Click on Bulk Action > Assign pre-accounting values > Assign

  4. Click on Mark ready to export

  5. Go to Ready to export

  6. Select transactions

  7. Click on Export to Fortnox

How to set up account codes on Fortnox?

When you set up your Fortnox integration, you will need to add Account codes linked to your Juni accounts.

To find your Account codes in Fortnox:

  1. Log into your Fortnox account

  2. Select Register in the top-right corner

  3. Click on Account plan

  4. Search for the Account code that you want to link with Juni in the set up

  5. Copy-paste the Account code in Juni

Do you support Fortnox Project and cost centre as well?

Yes, if you are using these dimensions in Fortnox, we will pull them to Juni for you.

How do you populate VAT dimensions in Juni?

VAT is auto populated by Juni for you because it does not exist as a dimension in Fortnox. You can choose to edit or add more VAT dimensions directly in Juni. We currently support 3 categories of VAT: Regular (3 line journal entry), Exempt (2 line journal entry) and Reverse (4 line journal entry).

Can I edit locked dimension in Juni?

No, you can't. Post integration, Fortnox is the single source of truth for dimensions pulled via integration (does not apply to VAT). Juni will display dimensions as they are in Fortnox. To make any changes to these pulled dimensions, please head to you Fortnox account. Once you have made the changes in Fortnox, they will automatically reflect in Juni.

What can I do post integration?

You can use all existing bookkeeping features and once transactions are moved to “Ready to export” we will push them to Fortnox via the integration.

Will the integration also push receipts to accounting tool?

Yes, once integrated, receipts will be pushed to Fortnox and matched to the right transactions.

What data will be pushed to accounting tool via integration?

You will be able to push bank feed, pre-accounting data and receipts to Fortnox via our integration. For this, all non SEK transactions will be converted to SEK by Juni.

Where will I see transactions that could not be pushed to Fortnox?

Incase of any errors, you will see the transactions in “export queue” along with the reasons behind failures, if any.

How do I manage or modify my Fortnox settings?

You can check the status of integration, renew it or disconnect the integration

  • Going to Integrations > Manage and selecting the Fortnox integration

Settings like voucher series and account codes for Juni accounts, can also be updated from this same location.

How many accounts can I integrate?

You can only integrate one Fortnox account at a time. The account that you want to integrate with Juni will need to have Fortnox integration license.

In which countries is the integration available?

Fortnox integration will be available to all Swedish customers. If you are based outside of Sweden, please reach out to your Juni customer service representative for access to integration.

Where can I see the transactions within Fortnox?

Go to Menu > Accounting > Vouchers

Which type of Fortnox account can use for integration?

You will need a Fortnox account with Bookkeeping License and Integration license. Please head to Supplement Order to check your plan type. When you open a voucher you can find the Juni transaction Id under “Description”.

How can I solve the error "The date is outside the current fiscal year" during an export?

To resolve this error, you will need to select the right default financial year in Fortnox. This is because everything by default is posted to the "default financial year". So if you want to export to financial year 2024, 2024 must be enabled as default financial year.

Whereas if you want to export to financial year 2023, 2023 must be enabled as default.

To update your financial year, follow these steps:

Which integration license do I need to be able to integrate?

This is the license required:

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