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How to integrate Google, Microsoft and Facebook (Meta) Ads to Juni
How to integrate Google, Microsoft and Facebook (Meta) Ads to Juni

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Here are the steps to enable the integration:

  1. Log in to Juni

  2. Click on Integrations in the left menu

  3. You will see a list of all your current integrations

  4. To add an integration, click on + Add integration

  5. In the search bar, simply type Google, Microsoft or Facebook

  6. You should now be able to connect by using your Google credentials

  7. Once connected, you can name the account in Juni to differentiate it from other Ads accounts

  8. You’ll now be able to have an overview of your Ad spend under Overview

You also have the option to enable receipt auto-generation for Google. This allows Juni to generate receipts for your Google spend, serving as proof of payment that can be used for accounting. These will be made added to the rest of your attached invoices and receipts.

You can also pull automatically Facebook integrations thanks to Juni's Gmail Integration.


Can I integrate more than one Google, Facebook (Meta) and Microsoft Account?

Yes. You can integrate multiple Google, Microsoft and Facebook (Meta) Ads accounts, as well as multiple manager accounts and ad sub-accounts.

Which metrics can I see in the Media buying widget?

You can toggle between cost, conversions, clicks, and impressions over any custom timeframe.

Where can I access my Google and Facebook (Meta) Ads credit invoices?

Your credit invoices will be made available in the Google and Facebook Ads Manage integration screen under the Credit invoices tab.

When will my credit invoice become available?

As soon as you integrate, Juni will pull the last six months' worth of credit invoices. On an ongoing basis, Google and Facebook (Meta) generates the credit invoice, usually at the end of the calendar month, and it will show up the same day in your Juni account.

What is payment receipt generation?

Juni will automatically generate payment receipts for your Google Ads threshold payments made on your Juni cards. You can then export these payment receipts for bookkeeping purposes.

How do I enable payment receipt generation?

Navigate to Settings > Accounting to enable or disable payment receipt generation in one click.

What is a Google Ads threshold payment?

If you don't have a credit line with Google, you're paying via automatic threshold payments. This means that once your ad spends reaches a certain threshold, such as €500, Google charges the card on file for €500, and your limit will restart. You can see your threshold on your Google Ads Billing Summary page.

Can I use the payment receipt for bookkeeping as proof of payment?

Many of our customers use the payment receipts generated by Juni to avoid the cumbersome process of downloading them from Google Ads directly. Note that a payment receipt is not valid to account for VAT.

When will my payment receipt be generated?

The payment receipt is generated as soon as Google settles the transaction. Please note that transactions may become settled hours or days after the card payment is made.

What if I am spending with a Google entity that is not Ireland-based?

We are currently covering transactions made to Google’s European subsidiary, which is based in Ireland. If you spend with other Google centers, such as Singapore or Australia, and would like receipts generated, please let us know by contacting us at

Need help?

If you are experiencing issues with the connection:

1. Go to Integrations
2. Click on the relevant integration
3. Go to the tab Manage Integration
4. Click on Renew now

If the issue persists, do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service team via our web chat Service on the site.

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