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How to apply for Juni Capital
How to apply for Juni Capital

How to apply, re-apply and eligibility

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We know that in the world of digital commerce, having positive cashflow is crucial. That’s why we built Juni Capital — a credit solution for cards and invoices that gives you flexible financing for card payments, inventory, ad campaigns, and scaling your business.

Juni customers can request up to 20M EUR with Capital for Invoices, and up to 2M EUR with Capital for Cards. Upon approval, customer can extend their repayment terms up to 120 days.

To apply for Juni Capital, all you need to do is to integrate all your financial accounts into your Juni account, so we can accurately assess how much we'll be able to lend you.

How to apply

  1. Log in to your Juni account

  2. Go to Money > Capital and select Capital for Cards, Capital for Invoices or both

  3. From here, follow the guided application process

    1. Upload necessary documents

    2. Integrate your bank accounts

    3. Integrate your ad networks (Meta and Google)

    4. Integrate your storefronts (Amazon and Shopify)

  4. Get an answer in as little as two days

  5. Sign the agreement and start assigning your capital to fuel your growth!

When applying, you can also select the payment terms you're most comfortable with. With Capital for Invoices, you can also select your own repayment terms every time you're paying for an invoice, for great flexibility.

During the application process, integrating your Meta and Google Ads accounts, and your Amazon and Shopify accounts, will help us give you better terms tailored to your business.


We assess companies based on many factors, including the company's age, location, trading history, industry, credit check results, finances, existing debt, and cash. We'll provide you with an answer regarding your application in as little as two days of your submission.

Capital for Invoices is currently not available in the UK.


If your application for credit has been declined, you'll normally be eligible to reapply after six months. If you have any questions about reapplying, please reach out to your Juni Account Manager.


If you want to apply for credit, but your financial service provider does not currently integrate with Juni, please notify your Juni Account Manager or our Customer Service Team.

For more details, you can find our credit terms and conditions here.

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