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How do I create a user account?

This article will help you to get to the first step of creating an account

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To get started, visit and get started by entering your work email address.

You'll be guided to signing up:

  • You can create a user account either by using the Sign up with Google function if you have an existing Google account

  • You can create a new account by providing your work email address and choosing a strong password

To create a Juni account, you will be asked to provide some details:

  • Full legal name

  • Phone number

  • In which country is your company registered

Once you’ve created an account with your preferred method, you can sign in with the respective method (either via Google or using your email and password combination).

⚠️ Please note that you are not able to reset your password or login using your email and password if you have created your account using Google.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team via our web chat service, accessible directly from the Juni platform.

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