What documents and information do I need to open an account?

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We want to make your onboarding experience as quick and smooth as possible. With that in mind, please ensure you keep the following information and documents to hand when creating your account:

  • Your personal details:

    • Full legal name

    • Phone number

  • Your company details, including your website, business description and any trading names

    • If your company is newly incorporated, you will be asked to provide an incorporation certificate

  • Which Juni features you’re planning to use?

  • In some countries, a bank statement dated within the last three months from a recognised banking institution with both incoming and outgoing transactions covering at least a 30-day period

  • Information about all of your company’s directors and beneficial owners (please see below for further information on who is considered a beneficial owner):

    • Full legal name (no nickname)

    • Date of birth

    • Email address

    • Residence address

    • Nationality and tax identification number where existent

    • Tax residency country

    • Is the person politically exposed (Yes/No)

  • Identity documents (passport, ID card, driving license, residence permit) for all of your beneficial owners and at least one director:

    • Beneficial owners will either be able to verify their identity themselves, or you can upload a certified copy of an ID document on behalf of them

    • You will be asked to select a signing director to confirm their identity and sign the application to Juni on behalf of your company. If you are filling out the application and you are a company director, you can sign the contract yourself

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@juni.co.

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