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How to verify your identity

Verify your identity and complete your account

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Who needs to verify their identity and how?

Having added your directors and owners, it is a regulatory requirement to verify the identity of at least one director of your company and the company’s UBOs/ABO.

The director verifying their identity will also sign the application to open a Juni account in the last step of our registration process (the signing director).

The individual will be the owner of the Juni account. If you yourself are a director, we recommend this person to be you.

How to verify your UBOs’ or ABO’s identity

After entering some business details, you can verify your identity.

  1. Liveness ID verification: We will send out an invite to the email address of the UBOs or ABO to create a Juni user account and verify their identity by taking a photo of their physical identity document and a selfie video.

  2. Uploading certified ID documents of the UBOs/ABO: Instead of each individual having to verify their own identity, it is possible for the individual filling out the application to Juni to verify their identity on their behalf.

  3. BankID: if you’re based in Sweden or you’re a Swedish national, verify with BankID by simply following the instructions on screen.

If the UBO/ABO in question has been selected as the signing director, it is not possible to verify their identity via document upload.

To ensure a frictionless ID verification

If you have been invited to verify your identity, please make sure to follow these instructions if you choose liveness ID verification:

  • We cannot accept photos of ID copies. Please have your actual ID document ready.

  • Only valid passports, national ID cards, driving licenses and residence permits are allowed.

  • Ensure you are verifying your identity in a calm environment and you are taking the photos (including the selfie) yourself.

  • Ensure no one else is visible in the background.

  • Please make sure that the full ID document is visible on the photo and that there is no glare or blur on the photo.

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