How to add beneficial owners

Add beneficial owners to complete the details about your company

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After adding your company’s directors, you can add any beneficial owner who is also a director by simply switching the toggle for the respective individual.

⚠️ Please make sure that no beneficial owners are added twice.

Who is a beneficial owner?

An Ultimate Beneficial Owner (UBO) is an individual who owns or controls over 25% of your company - directly or within a parent company. Even though they might not be formally named as the owner of the business, Juni needs you to confirm the names of all your UBOs.

Legal persons such as Limited Companies cannot be a UBO. The illustration below shows Company X signing up for Juni. All individuals whose boxes are circled in red are considered UBOs of Company X and need to be specified on the Add Ultimate Beneficial Owners (UBOs) screen.

Example of organisation chart

If your company has no natural person directly or indirectly owning more than 25% of the company shares or voting rights, you are asked to specify the Alternative Beneficial Owner (ABO).

The ABO is the chairman of the board, CEO, managing director or equivalent executive.

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