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Keeping Your Account Safe
Keeping Your Account Safe

How do I protect my account?

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Preventing account takeover and keeping your Juni account safe.

At Juni, we strive to be the best all-around financial platform for your needs. Above all, we want you to have peace of mind knowing your account is secure and your funds are safe.

Sophisticated fraudulent schemes and scams are on the rise, especially account takeover (ATO) attempts. ATO is a form of fraud and identity theft where the fraudster will attempt to gain access to your account using your personal information. Unfortunately, these attempts sometimes succeed.

The fraudster will use various tactics, also known as phishing, to trick customers into handing over login or banking details and then move funds out of the account without the account holder’s consent.

Be extra cautious if you receive any emails, phone calls, or text messages claiming to be from Juni or other organizations that have access to your sensitive data, such as banks, utility companies, or mobile phone providers.

Action Fraud UK explains phishing scams in detail with recommendations on how you can protect yourself.

If you notice something that doesn't feel right, contact Juni immediately via our chat or email

Here are a few tips to boost your security:

  • Choose a strong password for your Juni account. Two things strengthen a password: a larger number of characters and mixing numeric digits, upper and lower case letters, and special characters (e.g., ?, &, #, etc.).

  • Use two-factor authentication (2FA). If you aren't familiar with 2FA, don't worry, Juni has you covered – click here for more information.

  • Juni will never ask you to share any sensitive information about yourself or your account (passwords, your 2FA recovery code, your 16-digit card number, and CVV).

  • Common phishing schemes will prompt you to click on a link and enter personal information (such as banking details) into a website, which Juni will never do.

  • If you receive any texts or emails containing a URL, be cautious and ensure it's safe. If you need to access the website mentioned in the message, we recommend manually typing the correct URL into your browser's address bar.

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