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How do I deposit money into my Juni account?

Activate your account by depositing money into your Juni account

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Your account is now fully activated - congrats! The next step is to deposit funds into your Juni account. This is done via bank transfer.

1. Head to the Money page on the left side of your Juni dashboard
2. Click Accounts to see your bank details

3. Make the transfer from your external bank account with the Juni account details as a beneficiary. Depending on your bank's processing times, the funds should arrive in your Juni account within two hours.

On rare occasions, the transfer may take longer. It's also important to note that the transfer will likely take additional time to process if you are paying via SWIFT.

If you haven't received your funds within two working days, please get in touch with us via our Webchat on our website!
Using our Top Up feature, you can instantly top up your Juni GBP account.

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