How to set up automated notifications on Juni

How do I set up Automated Notifications?

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Automations allow you to set up custom notifications to stay up to date with the most important aspects of your Juni account - without having to lift a finger!

How to set up Automated Notifications

  1. Log in to Juni on

  2. Click on Automations in the lower left menu

  3. You'll see a list of all your current automations

  4. To add an automated notification, click on + Add automation

  5. Choose the relevant notification from the menu. You have three choices of notifications:

    1. Notification about specific transactions (you can also filter on status Initiated or declined)

    2. Notifications about account balance

    3. Notifications about approaching card spending limits

  6. Select the one you wish to set up

  7. In the 'If' menu, choose the preferred criteria to notify for

  8. In the 'then' menu, choose the preferred outcome

  9. Once you are happy with your automation, press on Create automation

Please note that your permissions may affect the extent to which you can use the Automations tool.

If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact our Customer Service team via our Webchat service, accessible directly from the Juni platform.

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