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How to export from Juni to Exact Online (MT940)

Learn how to export to Exact Online (MT940)

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Juni offers a MT940 export for Exact Online to get all your transactions accounted for.

The export contains transactions that have been made on your Juni account.

Here are the steps to export:

  1. In Exact online, when configuring your new Juni account in the chart of accounts, trim the first 4 characters from the IBAN (eg. DK3589000095383007 β†’ 89000095383007).

  2. Go to the "Transactions" page on the left-hand side menu

  3. Click on "Export" at the top

  4. Add the relevant filters on "+ Add filter"

  5. Choose "Ready Templates"

  6. Choose "MT940"

  7. Click "Export"

  8. You should now be able to import the file into your Exact Online accounting.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our Customer Service team via our Webchat Service on the site.

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