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Who can I pay with Capital for Invoices?
Who can I pay with Capital for Invoices?

Learn more about the invoices you can finance with Juni Capital for Invoices

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Capital for Invoices has been designed to support specifically digital commerce businesses manage their cash flow more effectively by financing invoice payments.

Capital for Invoices is meant for paying invoices that will help your business generate revenue in the next 1-4 months, but can be used for paying other invoices that are related to legitimate business expenses as well. Juni can in its sole discretion determine what invoices are permitted and invoices related to repayment of either debt owed to other financial institutions or taxes are not deemed permitted.

Many Juni customers use Capital for Invoices to pay for:

  • Media invoices (e.g. Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok, Snapchat)

  • Inventory invoices

If you have any questions about the invoices you'd like to finance contact our Customer Service team via our web chat service on the site.

When paying an invoice with Capital for Invoices, you might see more than one transactions. This is because Juni is moving the funds to pay your invoice to your account and than execute the payment with those funds.

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