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How do I set up bookkeeping rules to automate my pre-accounting?
How do I set up bookkeeping rules to automate my pre-accounting?

Learn how to use bookkeeping rules for automatic accounting

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Setting up “Rules” can help you automate your pre-accounting (preparatory accounting) and save time. Juni will automatically assign dimensions to transactions based on the rules that you assign, so you don’t need to pre-account these every month. With Juni, you can assign rules for properties including:

  • Card name

  • Account Name

  • Merchant Name

  • Merchant Description

To set up rules:

  1. Log in to Juni.

  2. In the main menu, go to Bookkeeping > Rules

  3. Select one of the default templates provided by Juni or Build your own

  4. After choosing the template, populate the details of the rule by adding details to the “When” and “then” section of rule:

    Note: If the dropdown is empty, you need to first create your dimensions by heading to Bookkeeping—> Dimensions

  5. Edit, pause or delete rules at your convenience by clicking on the rule

  6. You can also prioritise the rules by clicking on set priority and dragging and dropping the rules in your preferred order

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