How to send money in Juni

All you need to know on sending money from Juni

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You can send money:

  • between your Juni Accounts

  • to Accounts of other Juni customers

  • to accounts outside of Juni through SEPA and SWIFT transfers (only for European customers)

To send money, follow these steps:

  • Log in to your Juni account

  • Click on Pay or Transfer in the top left corner

  • Select the account you want to send from and click Next

  • Add a new recipient or choose a past one

  • For new recipients, choose if it’s a business or an individual

  • Add recipient’s details and the currency you wish to transfer funds in and click Add and continue

  • Enter payment details

  • Review and confirm, and your transfer is on its way!

If you want to make a payment to a past recipient, you can open a previous transaction and select Pay again. You'll be redirected to payment details and execute the payment faster.

You can see your transactions selecting Money → Transactions.

To make payments in batches (beta) please review the dedicated article.

Please note: there are certain restrictions on where you can send money to depending on the IBAN currency you are transferring from - please refer below for more information.

IBAN Currency



Can send money to beneficiary accounts located within the EEA and the UK


Can also send money to beneficiary accounts located within the USA, mainland China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

To make a transfer you need to ensure you fill correct and complete recipient details and any other information needed for that specific transfer to be properly initiated.

Depending on the type of transfer, we may ask for the following information:

  • Full name of the recipient

  • Type of recipient

  • Account details of recipient and/or IBAN and/or sort code

  • Amount

  • Currency

  • Bank address

  • Purpose of the transfer

For international transfers, we ask you to add:

  • BIC (Bank Identifier Code) or SWIFT: An international standard for routing business transactions and identifying bank accounts across countries. It is used in international payments to ensure that funds are sent to the correct institution. A BIC consists of 8 or 11 characters:

  • Address of the recipient

How long does it take for a payment to be processed?

Depending on the type of transfer, transfer orders will be received by us and executed as detailed below:

Type of transfer

Time for transfer execution

Between Juni Accounts


From your Juni Account to another Juni customer’s Account



The same banking day if submitted before 16:15 CET. After 16:15 CET, the next banking day.


1-5 working days

Public holidays may delay the execution of payment orders in certain currencies by one banking day.


What type of bank transfers can I make?

You can make transfers between your Accounts, from your account to another Juni customer’s account and transfers from your accounts to other accounts. Your accounts can be topped up in 24 currencies from your business bank accounts and payment gateways. Please note that we do not support bank checks or cash deposits.

What currencies can I transfer money in?

Currently only EU, Norway and Iceland based customers can transfer funds in EUR, SEK, GBP, NOK and USD.

Can I pay providers outside of the EU?

Yes, you can pay to all EU countries, Norway, Iceland, UK, US, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

Please note, that you can only transfer USD to the US, China, Hong Kong and Singapore.

How do I send money to the US, China, Hong Kong or Singapore?

You can use your Juni USD account to send money to the US, China, Hong Kong and Singapore. We ask for the account number and BIC/SWIFT code. Such transactions are free of charge and typically take 1 working day to be processed. However, it can take up to 5 days. This functionality is only available for customers based in the European Union, Iceland and Norway.

I am based in the UK, can I use the SEPA transfer functionality on my EUR accounts?

Unfortunately, SEPA transfers are not available for UK customers. We are working at enabling more transfer methods such as Faster Payments to cater to the UK market.

Am I able to send money in different currencies?

Money will be sent in the currency of the account you are sending from. So EUR will be sent from EUR accounts, SEK from SEK accounts, etc.

What accounts can I send money from?

Any of your Juni accounts. Note that you are not able to transfer credit funds.

Can I send money to anyone?

You can send money to individuals and companies within the geographic limitations mentioned above. Juni checks all transfers to verify that the origin, destination and purpose of the funds is in line with applicable regulation and Juni’s Terms & Conditions. Any transfers that might fall outside of those might be blocked or lead to the suspension of your Juni account.

What do I do if I send money to a fraudster?

Always verify that the counterparty of the transaction you are processing is a legitimate business that you know and that the services or products rendered for the transaction can reasonably be expected to be fulfilled by the counterparty. Please refer to our knowledge base for more details on how to keep your account safe.

If you suspect that a (potential) counterparty might have fraudulent intentions, please reach out to our Customer Service team at immediately.

Will I be asked about who I send money to?

Yes, you are required to add the beneficiary at the moment of transfer.

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